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Home devan life products inspiration for contact our aim the team green tree labs it is the one sense which does not rest even when we sleep. When our nose detects a change in the atmosphere around us it draws on post memories bank to identify that smell heb je belangstelling in escential Once identified we may be excited soothed relaxed comforted refreshed revitalised or even alarmed. For textiles it is important that fragrances are being released over time. This effect is achieved by integrating them in the devan reactive microcapsule technology patent number pct ib2006 050605 escential zijn zeer populair Those microcapsules are resistant to washes as they have functional reactive groups on the shell surface that react covalently with the reactive groups of textile. Offers an entirely unique range of marketing opportunities and product enhancements. Using a fragrance in textiles imparts a feel good factor to the wearer of a treated garment escential raming aanvragen Give a personal fragrance to your brand . The collections aromatherapy freshness pure nature fruity skincare .

Nl en fr accueil marques a propos presse dealers documentation amis contact amouage une maison internationale de parfums de luxe nous sommes une maison internationale de parfums de luxe qui propose des parfums innovants qui tiennent longtemps et qui rendent hommage a l art de la parfumerie. Nous sommes passionnes et nous creons la tendance Ons voorstel over escential Nos fragrances chantent et racontent une histoire differente avec une integrite creative . david crickmore ceo amouage narrations evocatrices de l humain les fragrances amouage refletent depuis 30 ans les magnifiques heritages et traditions de la parfumerie. L entreprise de luxe internationale se consacre a la creation de parfums concoctes avec finesse avec des ingredients rares et luxueux de la plus haute qualite possib.

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