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Print page share contact excellence in cosmetic dentistry concepts solutions investors company products development of new products is always driven by the goal to create safe and efficient solutions for both dentists and consumers bekijk ons scala van stain release High tech cad cam procedures are used to develop and manufacture new procedures and concepts. That is why the remedent products are worldwide recognized for their technological superiority and unique easeofapplication. Glamsmile veneers glamsmile features a unique tray delivery system that allows simple fast seating of a full arch of high quality ultra thin veneers all in one smooth single movement stain release zijn zeer gewaardeerd Unlike traditional oneveneeratatime placement methodology proprietary glamsmile technology makes creating a beautiful smile with veneers a timesaving comfortable treatment as well for the dentist and the patient. The high quality glamsmile veneers provide a fast pnless and affordable cosmetic dental solution for patients with severely stained misshapen chipped misaligned and discolored teeth Het voorruitzicht van stain release Glamsmile veneers change lives in on.

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